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Professional Application Development Services Targeting Chinese and Overseas Chinese Markets

Businesses these days require innovative mobile applications which can ensure highly sophisticated user experiences. People prefer to use their mobile phones to access the internet because of their convenience; a feature rich mobile app will ensure that they have the right kind of experience that leads to increased sales. X10 has a very highly experienced and qualified mobile app development team that can build the right kind of app that suits your business.

Is Your Business Mobile Friendly?

This is a very important question you need to ask yourself. If the answer is ¡®No¡¯ then you are missing out on a very big chunk of business. Not only will you be inaccessible to the large numbers of people who use mobile phones to access the internet but you will also be perceived as being technologically backward.


Mobile Apps for Different Devices

Considering that there are many different types of smart phones in use these days, we can develop mobile applications suitable for the most popular platforms. In other words, we can help build :


Android Apps


If there is one name that has become synonymous with mobile apps and smartphones then it must be that of Android. It is the most widely used platform for mobile apps. Its versatility and ease of use has meant that it is the most preferred choice of almost every leading smartphone maker nowadays. Whether it is Samsung, Sony or Nokia, you name it and you are sure to find the platform playing a key role in the success of the brand¡¯s smartphone models. One of the reasons for the popularity that Android enjoys is because of its flexibility. What this means is that a wide variety of applications can be developed using the Android platform. We at X10 have been involved in developing Android mobile apps across domains. We have developed apps for organizations ranging from the smallest to the large ones.



iPhone Apps

We have become the preferred choice of a wide range of clientele when it comes to development of mobile apps specifically for iPhone users. In fact, applications meant for iPhone has been one of our areas of strength. With us you can leverage our strength of having developed hundreds of creative mobile applications. Our iPhone mobile applications are well known in the market for the consistent user experience that they offer. With us you can be sure that your business gains the maximum benefit through our well developed mobile apps. Our apps are created keeping in mind the target audience and that has been the reason for their phenomenal success.




X10 Network can be your biggest supporter since we have what it takes to create the best possible applications whilst building your brand amongst potential and existing customers. You will also be pleasantly surprised to find out that our services are pretty affordable.



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